Entertainemnt at Temptation Cancun



Tempting Entertainment

Adventurous, Tempting, Sexy and Engaging Events at "The Playground For Grown-Ups"

Feel your temperature rise while you are being seduced, from the moment you arrive. Our cast will take you on a provocative journey of mind-blowing experiences, full of sugar & spice and everything nice. Little by little the exhilarating and intoxicating atmosphere pushes the boundaries and fulfills your expectations of an adult-oriented getaway.

Throughout the day you can explore with your wild side as you enjoy our poolside experience hosted by hot headliners and sexy resident DJ's that will sweep you off your feet and get you moving to the beat. As the sun goes down and the day begins to fade, immerse yourself into the world of the unknown. Embrace the excitement as you discover the secret nights that we have prepared especially for you.

Temptations has built-in entertainment and one of the largest hotel night clubs in the hotel zone. Each night the night club is roaring with fun contests, music and ample ways to be introduced to many of the other hotel guest, all while enjoying fine spirits!

Red Hot Pool Parties happen everyday at Temptations Resort Cancun. If you are not into the loud and constant vibe of a Spring Break style pool party, you might want to park yourself at the quiet pool!

Each night the buses arrive at the front lobby to take Temptation guests to the popular night clubs along the famous Hotel Zone. Visit Congo Bongo, Senior Frogs and many more bars and night clubs, not worrying about driving back to the resort, as the bus makes the rounds and will be there to bring you back. (please confirm bus schedules)

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Nightly Themes

2024 - Racy Rodeo


2024 - Racy Rodeo - Saddle up and come join the fun. It isn’t our first rodeo; so, giddy up and let’s go. Tonight, daisy dukes, plaid shirts, and cowboy boots will steal the show. This stampede, with a wild West scene, will be a boot scooting’ party lovers’ dream. Dress code: western outfit.

2024 - Galatic Night


2024 - Galatic Night - Mission control, this is your captain speaking. Requesting permission to land at Bash for a galactic party out of this world! Space cadets, brace yourselves: permission has been granted! We’re coming in so hot you’ll never want the party to stop. 3…2…1… Let’s have fun! Dress code: astronauts, aliens, sci-fi characters.

2024 - Burning Land


2024 - Burning Land - Bash is the coordinate for tonight’s transformation into a smoking hot stage for self-expression. Create a bold look using earthy, primitive elements which express your fun party temperament. Embrace artistic performances between the flames; a euphoric experience without a trace. Dress code: customize your own creation.

2024 - Crazy Circus


2024 - Crazy Circus - Step right up and take your seats. This is not your average circus show. If you’re ready to have some fun while clowning around, don’t miss showtime on our exhilarating playground. Come one, come all to Bash for the craziest party and theme night of all! Dress code: crazy circus characters.

2024 - Provocative Night


2024 - Provocative Night - Tonight offers a different kind of dress up that promotes body positive vibes, opening the opportunity for all guests to have an insanely fun time. Join us for sensational performances, for both men and women, that’ll warm you up for the rest of the night. Grab a front-row seat, you have to see it to believe it. Dress code: heels, stockings, lacy underwear (women) | black pants, suspenders, bowties (men).

2024 - Studio 69


2024 - Studio 69 - Let’s travel back in time to the disco scene, which captured the height of a unique era, when experimenting with freedom was everyone’s dream. Bodysuits, slip dresses, funky patterns, and psychedelic bling are synonymous with the 70s and 80s fashion legacy. Dress up and have fun as we party all night long! Dress code: 70s, 80s fashion.

2024 - Neon Vibes


2024 - Neon Vibes - Visually spectacular, unlike anything you’ve experienced before, Neon Vibes will leave you begging for more. Our wonderland of neon colors, combined with a psychedelic atmosphere, sets the scene, converting temptationers into high-energy party machines. Let’s glow! Dress code: neon colors.

All night themes are subject to change without previous notice and our Special Events hold their own programs